I went into this early morning Central Park elopement feeling SO excited!!! If you know me at all…you know I LOVE to travel and always feel so inspired and refreshed when doing so. There’s also just something about a mid-week elopement in the early morning while the rest of New York City wakes up. This Central Park elopement in New York City was so simple yet absolutely beautiful!

Alana and Frish are so down to earth and are just as in love off-camera as they are on-camera. I had shown up to Central Park a little early to grab some breakfast beforehand, and was just off to the side before the photos began. When I arrived, Alana and Frish were already there slow dancing by the fountain — off in their own little world while amongst the bustle of the early morning Central Park dog walkers and before spending the rest of their morning in front of the camera.

Once I was done eating and the others had arrived, Alana and Frish were quick to warm up in front of the camera by simply being themselves even though they had never gotten their photos taken before. There was no awkwardness or anything like that– they simply were.

Seriously, it was such a dream of an elopement!!! Also, THAT DRESS?!!!!! With the all-white outfit!!!? Like excuse me, I loved the coordination and how perfectly it came together and represented them so well.

The Location

We met up at Central Park, New York City. More specifically, we were at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. This location is BEAUTIFUL. There’s a variety of gorgeous backdrops all nearby- the fountain, bridge and tunnel with the beautiful mosaic, it’s right by the water, there’s the city amongst the trees, walking trails, pretty flower bushes. Seriously, there’s so much variety!!! I HIGHLY recommend getting there early because it was pretty crowded by the time we left mid-morning. Plus, you beat that NYC summer heat!

There are also soooo many other beautiful spots throughout Central Park and plenty of space for more privacy if that’s what you’re also craving. Central Park is such a beautiful park to get married in surrounded by nature while also having the unique aspect of being surrounded by one of the busiest cities in the world. Central Park is also right in the middle (ish) of NYC which allows for the endless possibility of adventure and sights to check out multiple locations for a full-day elopement experience.

New York City Elopement Photographer

Well hey there – if you didn’t know me already, I’m Emily! I’m a New York City elopement photographer based in North Carolina. I spend a lot of time photographing elopements of rad couples around the world. I’m obsessed with all things elopements, travel, outdoor adventure, and am truly so grateful that I get to call this my job!!! 

If you’re looking for a photographer for your New York City elopement who will:

  • Photograph your beautiful New York City elopement ceremony and activities through storytelling photos that you can look back on for the rest of your life
  • Help you come up with your dream elopement day and itinerary
  • Help you find activities in the New York City area to make your elopement intentional, unique, and memorable

…then I’m your person!!!

Visit my website to learn more about me, get to know my approach to elopement photography, and then reach out to me if you think we’re a good fit. I cannot wait to hear from you and start planning your dream New York City elopement!!

Final Tips for Eloping in New York City

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