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I'm a HUGE believer in celebrating your wedding day how YOU want to celebrate - whether that's an insane adventuring in the mountains or relaxing on the beach - celebrating with just you two present or with all (or just some) of your family and friends - exploring someplace new or going to a location of significance within your relationship. Regardless of what you choose to do and where to go, I'm a huge believer in doing what YOU want to do and to make the most of your day!! 

i'm so glad you're here!!

but let’s cut to the chase, lemme tell you why i'm different

I'm a photographer in San Diego with my husband and Australian Shepard pup. When I’m not behind the camera, I’m usually playing with my dog Theo, drinking a chai tea latte, or watching a sitcom (some of my favorites are New Girl, The Office, and Friends). Spontaneous plans are my jam (it doesn’t matter if it’s a sunset hike or a trip to the grocery store). I'm a huge fan of exploring National Parks, hiking, and enjoying the sun on the beach. I once spent 6 months living in Brussels, Belgium and traveled all over Europe.

i'd rather be outside exploring

I eloped in Las Vegas. My husband and I planned our elopement day in six weeks. Yep, we were crazy- my husband and I planned one of the most important days of our lives in just over a month. But we have absolutely no regrets. It was truly the BEST day of our lives!!!

I'm the kind of person who will be prepared as heckkkk for your photos. I photograph using a mix of capturing candids and posing you. I hugely incorporate the landscape or location within your photos, while also capturing the small details between you two like how you hold hands or laugh together.

There is no Planet B! Taking care of the Earth is important to me. I took the Leave No Trace course for photographers, and follow LNT principles whenever I am out exploring.

Love is love is love. All couples deserve to have a day celebrating their love. Your love is welcome and celebrated here.

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Wilmington, NC; Raleigh, NC
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San Diego, CA


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