Whether you decide to have a simple courthouse elopement or go all out in celebrating your marriage with your loved ones, these are all a variety of fun ideas to do on your big day!

1. Travel to a fun destination

Even if you want to do a simple courthouse elopement, go to a different place! Traveling allows you to have a mini (or full-on) honeymoon too! Even if you don’t want to travel far from home, you can still go to a nearby city/place near you and book a hotel or Airbnb for a staycation to celebrate.

You can stay more local, travel to another state, go across the country, or go somewhere international. Travel to a nearby city, go to your favorite childhood spot like that beach you grew up going to every summer or your grandparents farm, check off a bucket list place, or go to a location that’s significant in your relationship (like the place you met or got engaged).

2. Wear non-traditional clothing or accessories

You don’t have to wear a traditional white dress and black tux, I promise! There are so many other options that you can wear. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wear a dress that isn’t white
  • Wear a suit that isn’t the traditional black
  • Instead of a traditional tie or bow tie, wear a bolo tie
  • Wear a colorful tie or bow tie or one with a fun pattern
  • Have a different colored veil (aka not white or cream colored)
  • Wear a hat– could be a Gigi Pip, cowboy hat, a straw hat, etc.
  • Get cool socks with a fun n funky pattern or your vows written on them
  • Wear a jumper instead of a dress
  • Dress down with sneakers (for both guys and gals!)
  • Wear a flower crown

3. Be creative with your food options

Traditionally, most weddings have a meal served or a buffet. Instead, for yourself, think outside the box for your food options! Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Hire a private food truck. There’s seriously so many options — burgers, tacos, fries, waffles, the list goes on and on!
  • Pack a picnic to eat at your ceremony spot
  • Hire someone to create a charcuterie board
  • Cook over a campfire
  • Buy food from your favorite restaurant or fast food place

4. Incorporate a fun activity

The whole point of your wedding day is to HAVE FUN! Here’s a few ideas you can do to get your creativity flowing:

  • Go on a hike
  • Go rollerblading / ice skating
  • Go sightseeing
  • Get a sailboat
  • Rent a vintage car and go for a ride
  • Go skateboarding

The options are seriously limitless!!

5. Book an Airbnb

There are SO many cute, charming, and unique Airbnb’s out there!! Even if you’re staying close to home, you can still book an Airbnb to get ready at (either separately or together) and to stay at for the weekend to celebrate.

6. Go on an adventure

You don’t have to do more traditional activities on your wedding day of having a ceremony and then going right into the reception. You can do other activities if you want to!

  • Go on a helicopter or a private plane tour
  • Go on a hike up a mountain or to a waterfall
  • Go sightseeing
  • Go off-roading with a Jeep or ATV’s
  • Go skiing or snowboarding
  • Go kayaking or canoeing

The opportunities are endless!!!

7. Make it a 2-day ordeal

Don’t like the idea of only a one-day celebration or have wayyyy too many ideas that you want to do on your wedding day? Celebrate for 2 days instead of 1!! There’s a few options you can do:

  • Spend one day celebrating just the two of you with your ceremony and an activity, and the second day celebrating with your loved ones.
  • If you have two different activities you want to do to celebrate your marriage…why not do both? One activity on each day!
  • If you’re at a fun and diverse destination, you can check out and explore more of these spots in two days compared to just one day.

8. Incorporate the water

Whether you’re getting married by the ocean or a lake, incorporate the water in a few different ways:

  • Book a sailboat tour. Ask me for a few sailboat tour recommendations in eastern NC.
  • Go for a swim in the ocean, in the lake, or in a pool!!
  • Take out some jet ski’s together
  • Rent a bigger boat to party on with your loved ones
  • Go fishing together
  • Go surfing together

9. Grab some drinks

Drinks are an easy way to elevate your experience! You can get drinks together in the morning before your elopement, immediately after your ceremony, or later in the evening to celebrate.

  • Bring some of your favorite drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to “cheers” and have after your ceremony
  • Go to your favorite coffeeshop
  • Meet up with family and friends at a brewery or winery
  • Drink some cocktails or mocktails
  • Get a smoothie
  • Have a fancy milkshake

10. Have a unique bouquet

  • Have a dried bouquet.
  • Include succulents within your bouquet to show off.
  • Use ferns or olive branches as a bouquet.
  • Get wooden flowers. These “flowers” last forever and look SO real.
  • Get a silk bouquet. Again, these last forever and are SO real looking!!

11. Bring your furry 4-legged friend

As a fellow dog mom, I completely understand how important your pets are within your family!! Always check on the rules of pets within your ceremony/reception location (double check to make sure they’re allowed, if they have to be kept on a leash, etc.).

12. Pop some champagne

This is an easy one to do: bring some champagne to pop!! We’ll make sure to do it somewhere we won’t lose the cork (no littering over here with me), and don’t worry about a little spray hitting my camera. If you don’t drink , sparkling cider works just as well too! This is such a fun photo op and a fun way to celebrate you saying “I do!”.

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