This coastal couples shoot in San Luis Obispo, California was absolutely perfect. Emily and Patrick were so much fun to get to know while simultaneously running around at sunset. After this sunset photoshoot in San Luis Obispo, I was soooo freakin’ excited to go through these photos!!!


Emily and Patrick chose one location for their photos in San Luis Obispo (SLO). We were technically in Cambria, California which is right outside of SLO. We met up at this park and walked down the boardwalk until we got to the oceanside cliffs. We met up about an hour before sunset to get in a good mixture of harsh sun and sunset photos. The boardwalk is only about a one-mile walk with gorgeous views of the ocean, the town, and some mountains inland. It’s so beautiful!! There were hardly any people out while we were there, so it was the perfect spot without crowds being in the back of the photos. It was such a perfect evening for a photoshoot in Cambria/SLO, California!!

About halfway through the photoshoot, Emily and Patrick changed outfits for a different ~vibe~ along with the lighting changing from afternoon light to golden hour lighting (THIS is why the time of day during your photoshoot is so important!!! The lighting at 12pm looks very different from 5pm lighting). I thought both outfits complimented the location SO WELL while being pretty different from each other! The neutral colors in both outfits really help to keep the focus of the photos on the couple, while not overshadowing the beautiful location. I loved how it all came together so much!!

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